Wahlberg to pay for Entourage movie


Speaking at a press conference to stump the series end, “Entourage” producer Mark Wahlberg confirmed plans for a feature film version of the popular HBO series (which recently wrapped it’s eighth and final season) even suggesting he’ll put his money where his mouth is if need be.

“I said if I had to finance it myself I would do it,” Wahlberg, sitting alongside cast and crew at the Beverly Hills shindig, told the media.

“I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film and people have always complained that the episodes are too short and they want to go on a journey with these guys.”

“We’re gonna do a movie,” Creator Doug Ellin said. “It’s a question of when, how quick [we can]… come up with an idea and make it happen.”

Jeremy Piven tells Access Hollywood that the way the series ends his character, agent Ari Gold, is faced with a very serious condundrum, “..and it can end there, and it’s a great way to end, or we could continue to explore that [in a movie]”.

So what’s this conundrum you think? Ari loses his job? Does he do something dodgy that sees him tossed out of tinseltown? Or maybe he’s caught with his pants down with Beverly D’Angelo? Whatever the case, I’ll bloody well miss this show when it dissolves into the HBO snow screen.