Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman movie being dumped?


Just a couple of days ago we reported that Bruce Willis’s next flick “Setup” was headed direct-to-DVD, now we’ve word that Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman starrer “Tresspass” has suffered a similiar fate.

Say what you will about his “Batman” flicks, Joel Schumacher is still – for the most part – a good filmmaker. He might never win an Oscar, and he might never snag the respect of some of his more esteemed peers, but he’s a filmmaker that seems to have a good grasp of what the paying cinemagoer likes. With his divine visuals, excellent knack for casting, amazing soundtracks (have you listened to “The Lost Boys” soundtrack lately? It’s fucking ace!) and heart-on-his-sleeve plotting mechanisms, Schumacher always tries to give audiences a good time – most of the time he succeeds.

Though it got a thrashing at the time from the critics, Schumacher’s “St. Elmo’s Fire” is a damn good film – heartwarming, funny, romantic and packed with great performances by it’s Brat Packed Ensemble; same with “Lost Boys” – just a little bit of everything in it; “Flatliners” – again, a visual masterpiece and some damn fine performances not to mention scares; “Tigerland” – amazing fuckin’ movie; “Phantom of the Opera” – slick, sweet and, not surprisingly, visually stunning; “D.C Cab” – classic comedy; “Phone Booth” – terrific, tight thriller; and both of his John Grisham flicks, “The Client” and “A Time to Kill” are solid.

Though it’s been a couple of years since Schumacher really impressed me (I didn’t go for “Flawless” or “8MM” or “The Number 23” and, to be blunt, “Twelve” was shit), I’ve a feeling his newest might be a U-turn back in the right direction for the 71-year-old (yes, he’s 71) filmmaker.

“Trespass” stars Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman and Ben Mendelsohn (yep, Ben!) and is some sort of kidnap thriller about a husband and wife who are held for ransom (by Mendelsohn’s character, I believe). It sounds OK!

The only thing going against the film is… well, and I don’t like to say it because I know it’s not always the case… but it’s essentially going direct-to-DVD after a very brief limited theatrical outing a fortnight before. I know, I know.. direct-to-DVD doesn’t mean much these days, some great films bypass theatres, but something with Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage not getting a wide bow? Seems… odd.

The film will be hitting cinemas October 14 (a few cinemas) on before going VOD two weeks later.

There’s no trailer yet, but there is a poster :