Warner Brothers Takes on the Yakuza!


Warner Bros snagged “The Outsider,” a drama based on an American POW during WWII, who after the war, decides to  “pay his dues ” to make his way, as an outsider, into the Yakuza, the largest organized crime group in Japan.  

According to Deadline, the studio is onboard and raring to go ahead with the project with a script written by Andrew Baldwin, based on an idea from John Linson, who will produce along with his Father, Art Linson.

Sounds like a damn good time to me!  Although the script sounds a bit heavier than your typical mafia, organized crime flick, which could work out or just be damn awful.

Either way, keep your eyes peeled, something tells me if Warner Bros is anxious to steamroll the project that casting news might not be too far behind.