Die Hard 5 shopping around for a director


20th Century Fox is on the hunt for a new director to take Bruce Willis’ John McClane through to the end of “Die Hard 5”.

Noam Murro, who was previously attached to the project has given it the flick after being offered “300: Battle of Artemisia”, so Deadline says the producers are keen to get the project going.

The speculated shortlist is:

Joe Cornish – who directed the critically acclaimed British sci-fi-comedy “Attack the Block”.

Justin Lin – backing up from “Fast Five”

Nicolas Winding Refn- who’s directed “Drive”, which opened at Cannes and hits theatres next month;

and John Moore- who’s most recent flick was “Max Payne”. There were already reports he’d been snapped up to take the job (being a Fox favourite), but apparently that’s not the case.

Who would you like to see direct “Die Hard 5”?

Mike Fleming20th Century Fox