Man of Steel Set Pics; Look at Henry Cavill’s Super Hair


Henry Cavill was at Comic-Con last week to promote “Immortals”. Not surprisingly, most journalists were only interested in speaking to the British actor about his next film – the ‘Superman’ reboot, “Man of Steel” in which Cavill’s donning the cape and red undies for.

Though it’ll be a while before any pics of the cast, particuarly in full-costume, leak a savvy snapper got a pic of Cavill strolling around Comic-Con… complete with newly dyed dark hair and the ‘Superman’ curl!

How do you like the ‘Super’ look on HC?

Meantime, Superman Homepage has some new pics up from the ‘Smallville’ set – including a makeshift 7-Eleven (*ca-ching!*) and school buses.

Last but not least, Latino Review has picked up on web-word that a ‘car accident’ scene is set to be filmed in Illinois on the film. No idea who is involved in said accident but chances are it involves Clark doing something, er, Super.