Just in! First Pic of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel


Warners (kiss on the cheek to the lovely Orna) have just sent over the first still of Henry Cavill as Superman in the star-doused Kal-El do-over “Man of Steel”.

See you in the comments section below where we’ll chat dislikes and likes.

And here’s a bigger high-res version to pour over your generic Vista wallpaper.

The Burbank babes have also Outlooked over the official press release, which confirms that the studio’s talks/negotiations/bribing/chats between Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond in relation to playing Supes’ Kryptonian Pop and Ma have closed. Like wound dressing that’s been sprayed in graffiti gunk, that’s a damn attractive cast!

So, how do you like Cavill in the suit? Or should they have pulled Routh’s garb out of Cotton Balls?