Warners (kiss on the cheek to the lovely Orna) have just sent over the first still of Henry Cavill as Superman in the star-doused Kal-El do-over “Man of Steel”.

See you in the comments section below where we’ll chat dislikes and likes.

And here’s a bigger high-res version to pour over your generic Vista wallpaper.

The Burbank babes have also Outlooked over the official press release, which confirms that the studio’s talks/negotiations/bribing/chats between Russell Crowe and Julia Ormond in relation to playing Supes’ Kryptonian Pop and Ma have closed. Like wound dressing that’s been sprayed in graffiti gunk, that’s a damn attractive cast!

So, how do you like Cavill in the suit? Or should they have pulled Routh’s garb out of Cotton Balls?