Steven Soderbergh to become second unit director of The Hunger Games


Steven Soderbergh (“Ocean’s Eleven”, “Out of Sight”), Longtime friend and colleague of ”Hunger Games” director Gary Ross, has possibly signed on as second unit director for the much-anticipated film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” according to MTV.

With filming on an incredibly tight schedule due to an early 2012 release, it is unsurprising that Soderbergh has signed onto the film in order to ensure it meets its March 23 2012 deadline. Soderbergh has worked on “Pleasantville” with Ross, as well as directing upcomers “Contagion”, “Haywire” and “Magic” and is famed for his quick turnaround time, which is said to be what attracted him to “The Hunger Games”

Also released today were two new stills from the film, featuring Katniss and Peeta in the arena. Although they were found on tumblr by the team over at fansite, though the initial source is currently unknown.