Cheech & Chong nemesis now after Bourne


Old time scene conqueror Stacy Keach (“Up in Smoke”, “Nice Dreams”, “Mike Hammer”) has joined the cast of “The Bourne Legacy”.

The flick, which tells a parallel story to the previous three “Bourne” movies, features another amnesiac spy, this time played by Jeremy Renner. Joan Allen and Albert Finney reprise their roles from the previous “Bourne” flicks with Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton also onboard.

Keach, who in recent years played Warden Henry Pope on TV hit “Prison Break”, will play someone connected to Treadstone, the super-spy organization that ultimately leads to guinea pigs going AWOL in search of the lass from ‘Save the Last Dance’.

Tony Gilroy will serve as Keach’s boss on the flick.