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Ryan Reynolds gets a hottie for a wife in R.I.P.D: nobody surprised

Stephanie Szostak!

French-American actress Stephanie Szostak is apparently in talks to play the wife of Ryan Reynolds’ character in the upcoming Dark Horse comic-turned-film “R.I.P.D”.

THR says the flick is about a murdered cop (Reynolds in all his action-hero glory) who, after his death, works for the ‘Rest In Peace Department’, full of ghosts who battle spirits who aren’t willing to leave Earth.

Szostak (“The Devil Wears Prada” and the upcoming Matt Damon movie “We Bought a Zoo”)  will join the cast as the wife who can sense he’s still around; Jeff Bridges is also cast as Reynolds’ police partner.

It’ll be directed by Robert Schwentke (“Time Traveler’s Wife”, “Flightplan”), and is looking to begin production next month.

I reckon it’s a creative take on the ol’ police movie, and could be a sure-fire hit as long as the script is really solid. What do you think?

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