First look at Kevin Costner as Man of Steel‘s Jonathan Kent


The Man of Steel Facebook page has been spending an awful lot of time down Smallville-way lately; the crew are of course play snapparazzi on behalf of every one of us ‘Superman’ fans by capturing some of the action being filmed on the set of “Man of Steel” – that being the Zack Snyder directed movie reboot of young Kal-El’s mission to metropolis.

We got our first look at the new Superman Henry Cavill, in undies and all, last week and now there’s a few pics of Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent online, too. It’s not an official pic, but it’s a good enough image to give you an idea of what director Zack Snyder (also in the pics) is looking for in his Pa Kent. Henry Cavill, assumingly in ‘Clark’ mode, can also be seen in a couple of the pics.

What do you think folks? Will this be good?

Photos courtesy Andy Schein, Frank Laraia