David Yates and Steve Kloves to reunite to tackle Steven King flick


The dream behind-the-scenes team from “Harry Potter” is back together, this time to make a movie of the Steven King book “The Stand”.

Hitfix says director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves have finalised a deal to turn the book (about a group of people who survive a virus that killed off  most of the planet’s population) into a multi-movie project.

They’ve previously worked together on the last three “Harry Potter” films.

We’ve known since the media rounds for “HP7:II” that Yates was keen to direct another big project and that he was thinking about the Steven King adaptation, but nothing had been confirmed until now.

And what do you think about him getting back with Kloves to write the script? Clearly the best move ever, he’s awesome!

What does the idea of “The Stand” do to you?