Oppenheim writing remake of Matthew Broderick classic


As frightened as I am by the thought of a contemporary “WarGames” remake, I’ll admit there’s some good folk getting involved in it. Seth Gordon, director of the terrifically uninhibited and sensationally silly “Horrible Bosses”, is stepping into John Badham’s shoes as the director of the new version, and MGM, who seem to give two shits about their remakes (they’re taking their time with their “RoboCop” and “Carrie” remakes which suggests they’re interested in generating as many good reviews as they are bank) are behind it. Now comes word that Noah Oppenheim, a former TV producer who cracked Hollywood with a Jackie Kennedy script that had attracted the interests of Darren Aronofsky, is on scripting duties.
I don’t know what I’d like from a “WarGames” remake (particuarly when I’d prefer not to see one at all), but I guess, if anything, I’d just like to see a completely different storyline – or one that ties into the original, in the same way “TRON Legacy” tied into “TRON”. Maybe an ageing Matthew Broderick could return?