See Nic Cage take a fiery leak in Ghost Rider 2 Trailer


Sony Pictures has unveieled the trailer for “Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengenace” and… well, it ain’t what most of the Comic Con savvy were expecting following the footage tease and promises made by directors Neveldine and Taylor at San Diego. Nope, in fact this looks just like the first film… but with a couple of fun additions (fiery piss!). Question is, is Sony merely playing it safe by putting together a trailer that looks just like the original “Ghost Rider” because they’re afraid the final product, which could potentially be wild and trippy (a’la most of Neveldine/Taylor’s other films), will scare off those who enjoyed the original and are more receptive to a straight-up, fun no-brainer comic book movie?
Guess we’ll find out when the film hits early 2012.