Trailer for Roman Polanski’s Carnage; Jodie Foster stars


It looks more like “War of the Roses” than “Chinatown” but it’s Roman Polanskli, it’s sure to be worth the… shit, how much does it cost to see a movie these days? 20 bucks? Then yeah, it’ll be worth the $20 bucks. Probably. And what a great cast too – Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and John C.Reilly.

Here’s the synopsis : Two couples converge one afternoon to discuss a recent fight between there two children. Hoping to resolve the conflict, the couples instead delve into hurling insults and curses at each other as they try their best to settle there differences. This is easier said then done, however, and things between the couples quickly escalate.

Here’s the trailer :