Previewing the new season of Castle

Previewing the new season of Castle

While a handful of season 3 episodes of ”Castle” have yet to air in Australia the ”Castle” cast and crew are back at it for the fourth season and they’re kicking things off with an emotional opening scene that was premiered at San Diego Comic Con.

The beginning of the episode picks up minutes after the final scene in season 3.

While all shows seem to be breaking into musicals recently, ”Castle” is not rushing to have the cast present an episode in lyrical fashion but there are plenty fun and entertaining episodes in Castle’s future nonetheless. In the US ”Castle” will air on Halloween night so naturally there’s an episode with that theme and if the Season 2 Halloween episode (Vampire Weekend) is anything to go by it’ll be a lot of fun. There is also an episode, filming in LA right now, with a super hero/Ghost Busters/comic theme expected to air in the US in late September and according to executive producer Laurie Zaks there’s a Christmas episode in the works as well which fan favourite writer Terri Miller is rumoured to be writing.

This year there’ll be a new member of the team. Captain Victoria Gates (nicknamed “Iron Gates”) will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald (”24”, ”Star Trek: Deep Space 9”) and the she is said to be a “by-the-book former Internal Affairs investigator.” Jon Huertas ( Detective Esposito) says, “The new captain is not as relaxed as Montgomery. It’s hard for Esposito and Ryan to break the rules a little bit while they are gathering information for a case because she’s a hard lined captain focused on getting to her next big job and not worrying about the justice or an innocent man going to jail or, you know… she just wants it solved.”

We can expect some tension in Castle’s home life as well as at the Precinct with Alexis (Molly Quinn) being shaken by the events of the season 3 finale. In addition to her fears about Castle’s safety and the danger he is putting herself and her grandmother (Susan Sullivan) in, Alexis will be struggling with decisions about college.

There are two new writers joining the ”Castle” writing team this year, Christine Boylan (”Off the Map”, ”Leverage”) and Rob Hanning (”Detroit 1-8-7”, ”Fraiser”, ”Malcolm in the Middle”).

”Castle” Season 4 premieres in the US on Monday September 19, Australian air date is yet to be released.

– Ellyssa Harris

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