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Katie here at D23…. and I’ll be blogging from my iPad.. expect plenty of updates, but just as many spelling and grammer errors; whatever the case, we’ll get the information to you!


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Next up Director Andrew Stanton introduces his passion project John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins as Dejah Thorls

The director talked passionately about his love for the Edgar Rice Burroughs books and how he read them obsessively in high school, so much that his girlfriend at the time called them his romance novels.

Stanton then welcomed  the actors, Taylor and Colling along with  William Dafoe (!) to show off some clips of the flick and talk about their experience while shooting.

Taylor Kitsch said “it’s a complete honor” to be working on the project and realizes how “lucky he is. William Defoe talked a bit about being on stilts in the desert for Director Andrew Stanton (His character Tars, is computer generated but in order to get decent reaction from the other actors and  to have them looking directly at where the creatures would be, Stanton asked both Dafoe and Samatha Morton to be on set, in sweat on stilts for the shoots. They both showed up! )

The first clip showed when John Carter first wakes up on Mars, only to realize that he’s not sure where he is and jumps up onto a rock where some creatures are hatching. Quickly after, a species of the planet come across him and shoot at Carter before William Defoe’s character (Tars) tells them to stop. Tars and John Carter then try to introduce themselves in each their respective languages. Tars then motions for John Carter to jump like he did before. Carter flies through the air and lands next to Tars weapons he’d put down. He then yells at his people not to shoot even though Carter is by the weapons and end scene! phew!

The second clip began with John Carter chained to a wall and after setting himself free realizes a creature is following him after even jump he makes towards freedom, this creature, oola (not sure on spelling) becomes his loyal pet.

The third clip was an emotional scene between John Carter and Dejah Thorls who’s about to be married. She begs him to stay and fight for her planet, which is under attack.

Carter tells her not to marry her fiance.  Carter hesitates and doesn’t answer her. And the scene ends with her fiance pounding on the door. Dejah answers the door and Carter has disappeared.

The fourth and final clip is of John Carter and his friend Tars in a gladiator pit, Carter has a long chain wrapped around his arm and can only move/jump so far.

They let a beast out of the cave and into the arena. It looks like Tars might be hurt and John Carter distracts the beast to him by clanging his chains.

The beast charges at Carter and end scene. It looked like a good action bit!

John Lasseter announced another project he’s looking forward to…Monster University and he’s bringing back John Goodman and Billy Crystal

for the Monsters Inc prequel. The story focuses on Mike and Sully friendship and how they first met, back in college. Dan Scanlon is Directing and

“he’s excited to be back in the monster world.”  The film makers said it was an exciting concept for them to make the prequel because

it would catch the characters in their college years because that’s when people usually wonder who they are and what they are meant to be.
So, we’ll be going back in time when Mike and Sully were college buddies and had been competing since grade school, since they were both

set on becoming scarers. So they head off for the University, Lasseter showed some cool concept art for the college with a large quad and

a lot of large, historic-esqe looking buildings, they said the largest and most revered building is of course, the building where the best of the best

are trained to be….scarers.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal then gave a little video shout out to the D23 crowd to let them know they’re back and having a lot of fun with it.

John Goodman asked Billy Crystal why they didn’t go to D23 themselves and Crystal runs out of the shot in the video and onto the stage in the arena along with

the characters of Mike and Sully to say hello to all the Disney fanatics (myself included)

The flick will be out in 2013

Disney’s Brave is set to come out June 2012 and will be Pixar’s first fairytale, first period film, not to mention the main character, Merida, will be the first female to rock the lead character in a pixar flick. Merida is voiced by “Boardwalk Empires” Kelly MacDonald with the following supporting cast that includes Emma Thompson as Queen Elinor and King Fergus, her father voiced by Billy Connolly. The first clip was an action bit of Merida hit maks with her bow and arrow on horseback. Looked pretty cute- she has a great shot!
The second clip was a clip of an archery contest, the contestants were competing for Merida’s hand of course. In the end, Merida swoops in and competes for herself, hitting every bullseye. The character has a fire to match her locks.
Kelly MacDonald was introduced and told the audience she’s been so delighted with the experience of voicing Merida.

John Lasseter CEO of disney studios introduced Planes, taking the “Cars” world into the air! Jon Cryer is voicing dusty a small crop hopper. John lasseter introduced Jon Cryer who said he was “so excited to be a part of the cars universe and if you have a chance to voice a disney character, do it. And its fascinating to be a part of” they then showed a sneak preview of dusty the plane being rocketed into the air off a runway at turbo speed after stealth planes had taken off before him. Coming out spring 2013

The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Coming out next august. Looks really cute. Star Jennifer Garner introduced trailer and said “what makes you differnt usually always makes you special” flick also stars Joel edgerton who plays Jennifer Garner’s husband. After struggling to have a baby the pair write down all the qualities their child would have put them in a box and bury it in their backyard. Later that night after a storm, a muddy kid comes into their life with special gifts. Wasnt much said about what those gifts were but the flick looked cute and I love the edgerton brothers! 🙂

Disney nature announced Chimpanzee a true story/documentary that follows a baby chimp who becomes an orphan and is raised and picked up by another chimp. Pretty short and sweet.

Disney announced two new pixar projects in the works, the first to be directed by Bob Petersen and produced by John Walter, is a dinosaur flick. Coming out during the holidays in 2013 . Currently untitled. The only thing they let us know was that it wasnt like any other dinosaur movie and that its what happened when the asteroid didnt hit the earth and destroy the dinosaurs. They showed a still photo of a sunset with a boy on the back of a large dino mostly in silhouette. Director said he got his inspiration from when he was a little boy and went to the ny world fair where walt disney had animatronic dinos on display. Currently untitled.
The second untitled flick is from director Pete Doctor and Jonas Riveria who announced a film about taking us into our own minds and is due out summer 2014. Didnt give a lot of info besides that.

Wreck it ralph takes place in the world of video games in a modern day arcade and tells the story of ralph, an 8 bit video game bad guy who is no longer content to accept his fate as the bad guy. So, after the arcade closes every night he travels the length of the arcade to prove he can be a good guy and enters the worlds of modern games. Ralph is voiced by john c reilly. St calhoun is voiced by jane lynch, fix it felix voiced by jack mcbrayer, and vanellope von schweetz by sarah silverman. Sarah silverman and jack mcbrayer were introduced . Mcbrayer said “he hates the sound of his own voice ” sarah silverman said she “loves and hates disney movies because they make her feel something”. Then they showed the first 4 and a half mins of the flick. Super cute set up with voiceover of ralph explaining that he destroys buildings in his video games and everyone loves fix it felix who comes and repairs it with his magic hammer. Cute witty voiceover. Then ralph goes home to sleep on a big pile of trash at the dump his home , while he wishes he were a good guy. Then they show ralph at a support meeting for all the bad characters in the video games. So hilarious. Good first four mins , cant wait to catch it!

Frankenweenie. By Tim Burton, none of the cast or director could be there, still all working in london studio, but the producer showed some behind the scenes clips of the stop motion flick , filmed all in black and white and will be rendered in 3d. A film about a boy and his dog and their special friendship. After the dog dies in an acxident, victor ressurects him. They showed some slides of tim burton working closely with the models and brought out one of their real models of the dog, sparky to show how his face , paws and tail could be slighlty molded to look happier. Looked awesome in black and white with all the stop motion! Movie due out oct 2012. Cast includes johnny depp, wynona ryder, martin short and catherine ohara.

From creative genius Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” The Nightmare Before Christmas”) comes “Frankenweenie,” a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.


The Great and Powerful Oz. 3d film to open march 2013. Showed some quick clips of the stars behind the scenes, excited for the project. Directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Joe Roth. The world of oz looked fucking awesome a lot of green rolling hills, very magical, very fairytale set. James franco said the oz character is young and just kind of smoothe and is kind of a magician and then he goes to oz to start over. They showed a quick clip of the world of oz basically just the scenery.

The Muppets. Introduced Jason Segel and Kermit to show some clips for the flick. Jason told kermit he was scared to tell miss piggy she wasnt in any of the clips. Then miss piggy came out on a motorcycle.  The first clip was jason segel, amy adams and richard looking for kermits house, finding it and kermit coming home. The second clip was kermit and the muppets gang entered their old thearte which is now old, dirty and unused. Then they all then sang and danced while cleaning the thearte up with jason segel and amy adams.

The big one. Marvel brought out president kevin feige to present The Avengers. Coming out may 2012. Introduced clip . 1st look of avengers, nick fury and the avengers have captured loki in glass room. Small montage of each avenger in action. Marvel president introduces cast jeremy renner, tom hiddleston, scarlett johanssen, chris hemnsworth, and robert downey jr. robert downey asks the audience if they want to see the clip again and exits. (he must really hate the press. Hehe)

Ryan from Coming Soon jotted down a better description of the footage than I ever could, here’s his :

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) takes his place in a prison of glass and metal. We presume he’s on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. Loki assesses his surroundings, but doesn’t appear impressed. More amused. Nick Fury types away on a keypad nearby, threatening that if Loki even touches the glass, he’ll meet a certain doom. But again, Loki isn’t deterred by this. He’s confident this prison won’t hold him. Fury begs to differ, saying it was built to hold something powerful.

“You threaten my world with war. Steal a force you can’t control. You have made me desperate,” Fury says. Hinting, of course, to the Tesseract (the Cosmic Cube) seen in Captain America. Loki and Fury continue their tête-à-tête and we find that the Avengers have been assembled in another room and they’re listening in. Elsewhere on the Helicarrier, we get a glimpse of Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), also monitoring the Fury/Loki encounter.

This extended scene flows well; the dialogue has a tight rhythm as these two large personalities, separated by glass, face one another. The intensity palpable. One gets the sense if Loki wants out… he’ll get the hell out. But there’s something else simmering in his motivations and, of course, we don’t know what it is, because this scene gives way to a second teaser trailer, of sorts.

Enticing imagery that flies by furiously: A S.H.I.E.L.D. jet soars towards a city. Thor raises his hammer to the sky. Hawkeye taking aim with his bow and arrow. Loki standing on the back of a military vehicle (at least that’s what it looked like, it flew by). Steve Rogers stands before a hi-tech closet. The doors pull away to reveal his revamped costume. Thor slams his hammer down on the shield of a crouching Captain America (training perhaps?). This is all inter-cut with Tony Stark, standing behind a bar making a drink, as he makes an Avengers “roll call”: Two highly trained assassins, a “Demigod,” a “living legend who actually lives up to the legend”… “Somehow you managed to piss them all off,” Stark adds. We find he’s talking to Loki, who is standing in the room with him.

Loki responds to this with, “I have an army.”

Stark quickly shoots back, “We have a Hulk.”

The presentation ends with a close-up shot of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk snarling at the camera, then, The Avengers logo slams onto the screen.