Djimon Hounsou to play the Angel of Death in Paradise Lost


The super-versatile Djimon Hounsou (the man’s done everything from weighty historical epics like “Amistad” to popcorn junk like “Tomb Raider 2” and “Never Back Down” and of course, very solid thrillers like “Blood Diamond” – for which he was nominated an Oscar for) will play the Angel of Death (seems my mother-in-law isn’t the only one donning that title) in “Paradise Lost”, the Alex Proyas directed Gods vs. Gods thriller that is set to lens in Sydney shortly. Hounsou will star opposite Bradley Cooper, as Lucifer, and Ben Walker, as Michael.
Hounsou is ”Abdiel, the angel of death, in Alex Proyas’ adaptation of the Milton epic poem”, says Variety.
Think this flick will be good? Or will it be “The Prophecy” redux or “Legion” all over again?