Star Wars and Underbelly stars join The Great Gatsby



Jack Thompson will return to the big screen – in something presumably decent, “The Great Gatsby”.

The veteran star of more bonza Aussie flicks that you can shake a billycan at (and a few dodgy American ones too, like the Alicia Silverstone vehicle “Excess Baggage” and of course, the “Star Wars” prequels) will play an unspecified character in the 3D adaptation of the F.Scott Fitzgerald novel.

Sydney Confidential, who broke the news of Thompson’s casting, has also revealed that ”Underbelly: Razor” star Kim Knuckey has also joined the cast; Knuckley will portray a senator.

Leonardo Di Caprio, who stars opposite Tobey Maguire in the film, arrives in Sydney this weekend to prep.

One of the film’s leads, go-getting exporet Joel Edgerton tells Collider that Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” will start lensing within the month.

“I can tell you as much as I know about Gatsby. We have been sort of in pre-production where we did a really great kind of exploration workshop in New York. I’m off on Monday and back to Australia where everything is getting prepped and ready. We are going to continue rehearsals and then we start shooting in a few weeks. Then it is all systems go until Christmas.”