Exclusive : Romancing the Stone remake still on?


The bunny-hopping “Romancing the Stone” remake over at Fox may be inching closer towards the cameras (some four years after it was initially announced) with the studio now on the hunt for a director with a “fresh, exciting take” on a story that first surfaced in Bob Zemeckis’ 1984 classic, a trusted source tells us today. As seems to be the trend right now, we’re told producer Emma Watts is looking for someone newish to the moviemaking scene, though that someone will naturally encompass a unique set of skills that goes beyond ‘point and shoot’ capabilities.
Robert Luketic was briefly attached to helm the reboot, even going so far as to interest his “Ugly Truth” and “Killers” lead Katherine Heigl into the lead, but is no longer involved (working with Heigl again is still high on his priority list; she’s the De Niro to his Marty, it seems).

Fox are said to be still considering Heigl for the lead female role of feisty romance novelist Joan Wilder (They might be best going with someone whose last couple of flicks have generated dough, though), with Taylor Kitsch – headlining two of the biggest flicks of the next 24 months, “Battleship” and “John Carter” – and the slightly more rugged Gerard Butler on that early wish list of Jack Colton’s. I’m sure whoever is hired for the flick will have their own ideas, too. It would be interesting to see how a generation who is ever connected to film advertising through the internet and mobile devices respond t a reboot of an early 80’s classic. With strong enough SMS mobile marketing and a push to connect with viewers who have a hunger to combine all things retro to their smartphones a SMS business campaign might work. A tie to old movies and new ideas is notheing new and any mobile marketing company would be able to cash in on this remake.

It’s disappointing that the second sequel to the Zemeckis original didn’t come off, with Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny De Vito reprising their roles, but the film never got beyond a draft. “The Crimson Eagle” would’ve seen Jack Colton (Douglas) and his partner take their two teenage kids to Thailand where they’re blackmailed into stealing a priceless statue. The project was last heard of in 1997, when Douglas announced he’d be bailing ”U-571” in favour of the ”Stone” sequel. He never felt the urge to return to it.

What would you guys rather see? A “Romancing the Stone” redo with Heigl, Kitsch etc? Or a second sequel to the original, with the ‘old’ gang?