Exclusive : Final Destination 6, Titanic 3D updates from Steven Quale


It may shock those without an IMDB account to know that “Final Destination 5” is, one of the finest examples of a 3D movie to date. But anyone with internet seach abilities can bring up director Steven Quale’s resume and see that the multi-skilled filmmaker worked, on and off for about fifteen years, with James Cameron – the man who resurrected and perfected 3D with his “Avatar”. Quale brings to “Final Destination 5” the skills he learnt working on the 2009 blockbuster with Cameron, as well as a vast array of roles in completely different areas in film.

In an interview to be published here tomorrow, Quale talked a little about the upcoming “Titanic 3D” and the inevitable “Final Destination 6”.

On next year’s re-issue of “Titanic” :

Yeah. Well, Jim’s mainly dealing with the 3D vendors and stuff like that on that. I really haven’t… I saw a test that’s looks fantastic. Leave it to Jim to show people how you really convert a 3D movie by probably spending more money than anybody ever can imagine and spending years to make it perfected and so forth because done properly, it can be very effective. It’s just unfortunate most of the people don’t do that. And with today’s technology now, it’s going to be a point where nobody’s going to bother converting movies because the 3D technology will get so easy to use that it won’t be a big difficult burden that it has been in the recent past.

As for whether or not he’ll direct the next instalment in the “Final Destination” series?

Who knows. Never say never. I mean, it’ll be up to the fans. We’ll see how this one performs internationally and if it makes as much money as the fourth one, I’m sure Warner Brothers will want to make another one. And then the question for me will be just if we can get a script that can live up to this one because frankly I wouldn’t want to go backwards in the same way some sequels do – once they get into the whole franchising thing they can get worse. But if we can make enough impact on an audience as we did here…”

Who’s looking forward to this “Titanic 3D”? I imagine it’ll look pretty spesh…