We live in a time when not even a Michael Bay movie can get financing…


‘Tis the year for killing pricey, risky blockbusters.

Hot on the heels of that whole “Lone Ranger” collapse (though it’s suggested a Gore Verbinski-less version may be in the cards) over at Disney, Universal has now canned one of their big tentpoles : “Ouija”, from producer Michael Bay and director McG, says Vulture.

Universal were originally gung-ho for the project, one of six titles based on Hasbro games that were set up in 2008, but was ultimately scared off by the film’s budget.

Paramount are now considering taking on the project.

One agent familiar with the Uni/”Ouija” deal, said, “This is how they beat you into submission and make you realize no one but no one wants to make this movie [at that price]. They just did it to Ron Howard with The Dark Tower: ‘Don’t let us stand in your way! Go find someone willing to write the check.'”