Cameron Crowe says Say Anything 2 is only in your mind, the light, the heat…


Remember last month when Cameron Crowe told reporters he’d be up for doing a “Say Anything…” sequel?

And remember how we weblins then jumped on it before falling to our knees and screaming ‘thank you God!” towards Charlton Heston’s cloud in the sky?

Seems we may have jumped the gun. Crowe says the comments were taken slightly out of context – a sequel to the 1989 classic is nothing more than a wet pipe dream.

Speaking to the ifc, Crowe explained why a Lloyd Dobler reprise is unlikely.

“I was very surprised that got picked up and repeated so many times,” Crowe told me last week during our conversation about his upcoming film “We Bought a Zoo.” Eager to clear up comments he thought were blown out of proportion, Crowe said any sort of “Say Anything…” sequel is “definitely a pipe dream.”

“it’s a personal thing for me, that movie,” Crowe explained. “It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done. And the last thing I would ever dream of doing is touching something that I feel so proud about in any way. I just love the characters and I was sort of musing out loud with this really cool person that had asked the question.”

The filmmaker, whose new flick “We Bought a Zoo” is out before Christmas, says he had talked to star John Cusack about a sequel but that was a long, long time ago.

“I always loved the Truffaut / Antoine Doinel relationship,” Crowe added. “And I said [to Cusack], ‘We should have made more movies more often with that character or another character.’ I so strongly relate to Cusack’s persona and his acting. He really can say the words and make them sing. I wish I’d done more stuff with him. It’s kind of odd that plans didn’t align in that way.”

Cusack has an idea where Lloyd and Diane (Ione Skye) might be now… but he hasn’t told Twentieth Century Fox.

“I do from time to time, just talking with friends,” Crowe said, before quickly adding, “but there’s no script, nobody’s out there trying to pitch a ‘Say Anything…’ sequel.”

If it ever happens, Crowe thinks a “Say Anything…” sequel might look more like a spinoff. “I remember those characters and I keep thinking that there’s more that I could write about some of them, and not just Lloyd.” Crowe said. “If anything, it would be a side character or some story where there was some kind of linkage. I love Mike Cameron, I love the poor drunk that they drive home on the night of the grad party. As a writer, there’s just more there that I always thought, ‘Well someday.’ Maybe it’s just a short story. Maybe it’s a miniature kind of thing that I write some day.”

A spin-off about Mike Cameron, the character played by Jason Gould (Barbara Streisand’s son)? Hmm… that could work.