We’ve now got a high-res version of that Hunger Games Clip for You…



We now have a high-res version of the clip from “The Hunger Games” (speaking of, if, like me, you don’t know anything about this book/film series read this great article “10 Things You Should Know About the Hunger Games” that Ashleigh put together) thanks to the gals and guys at Lionsgate. Enjoy!


The wait is finally over….. my overdue water bill has arrived.

Oh, and that sneak clip – that was teased last week via sneak clip – from “The Hunger Games” (the film version of another young people’s bookish offering (yes, much like “Justin Bieber : The Unauthorized, Authorized, Unabridged Story”) has been released. It premiered on the VMA’s tonight.

Haven’t read the book myself, but very interested in seeing the film – great director (Gary Ross, “SeaBiscuit”) and great cast (Jennifer ‘Mystique 2.0′ Lawrence, Josh ‘Spider-Man runner up’ Hutcherson, Liam ‘Brother of Thor’ Hemsworth and everyone’s favourite bartender ‘Woody’ Harrelson) and according to our resident ‘Hunger Games’ expert Ashleigh this clip is a very good representation of one of the film’s most compelling moments. It’s short, this clip, but suggests there’s some fun to be had in this 2011 release.