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Ben Affleck adds more names to Argo

His CIA man gets a wife

Three more names have joined Ben Affleck’s real-life CIA thriller “Argo” – Taylor Schilling, Tate Donovan and Nelson Franklin.

Variety says Schilling, who’ll star in next year’s “The Lucky One” alongside Zac Efron, will play Christine Mendez- a wife to Affleck’s character Tony.

The flick is based on real life Tony Mendez- a CIA hostage expert who invented a fake movie production as an elaborate ruse to rescue six Americans held hostage in Iran in the early 80s.

Tate Donovan (“Damages”) will play Bob Anders, a US embassy officer in Tehran, and Nelson Franklin (“The Office” and “Scott Pilgrim”) will play a journalist.

John Goodman and Alan Arkin are also starring, with George Clooney and Grant Heslov producing.

Pretty big line-up of stars, do you think Ben Affleck can deliver?

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