SyFy mightn’t put Battlestar Galactica : Blood & Chrome on the air!?


This one will have “BSG” devotees punching toasters.

Remember “Battlestar Galactica : Blood and Chrome”? That’s the “BSG” prequel series that SyFy planned to get on the air next year sometime.

Well, hope you like watching your “BSG” on a 19inch monitor with crackly speakers supplying the blaster effects because there’s a chance the network may have decided to put “Blood and Chrome” on the internet – as a web series – rather than the box.

AOL reports :

Speaking of ‘Blood and Chrome,’ by the way, I talked to Syfy exec Mark Stern when I was at San Diego Comic Con in July. Stern, Syfy’s executive vice president of original programming, said that executives at the network have seen a rough cut of the two-hour ‘Blood and Chrome’ TV movie, which follows the journey of a young William Adama in the first Cylon War. However not many of the effects in that cut have been completed (most of ‘Blood and Chrome’ was shot in front of green screens, and many backgrounds and visual effects are being added).

Given the amount of work still being done on ‘Blood and Chrome’ (which was written by ‘BSG’ scribe Michael Taylor and will act as a possible pilot for a TV series), it sounds as though ‘Blood and Chrome’ is still something of a work in progress and an announcement about a release date is not particularly imminent. Stern said Syfy is still weighing whether to release this combat-oriented ‘BSG’ prequel as an online series (which was the original plan back when the project was first commissioned) or to bring it to air as a backdoor pilot, which is still a possibility.

Now this is a damn shame. OK, so there’s the possibility that the suits didn’t like what they saw in the work-in-progress pilot and justifiably demoted it back to a web series (it begun life as a web series anyway, but still, we need a new “BSG” series on the air!) but I’d say it’s more a case of a cabler afraid to take another risk on a “Galactica” series following the failure of “Caprica”. If that’s the case, it’s a silly move.. because this new show would resemble the original, very successful “Galactica” reboot much more than it would “Caprica”.

Here’s some of my pilot script review from a few months back :

Obviously inspired by Orci and Kurtzman’s “Trek” reboot script (and to some extent, “Top Gun” – don’t let that frighten you), the “Blood and Chrome” pilot paints our hero – young William Adama as opposed to young James T.Kirk – as a confident, slightly conceited and highly-skilled rookie who, though finishing the top of his class, has a hard time convincing some of his colleagues that he’s the right man to be leading the charge against the Cylons.

The pilot, of course, starts off with young Adama completing his final graduate piece at the Academy. Once we’re convinced he’s ‘the man’ it’s onto well… you know where. (Read full script review...)

Do you think maybe what put the network off was the lack of a big name lead or something, like “Galactica” had in Edward James Olmos? Just trying to guess what’s going in the suits minds over there…