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Rourke, Li and Adkins onboard The Expendables 2?

The latter to play one of Van Damme’s mercenary unit

Fansite contacted the journalist behind the article published in a Bulgarian newspaper regarding “The Expendables 2” lensing in the area, complete with intel on new recruit John Travolta (!) and returning cameo player Arnold Schwarzenegger, and got some new titbits from him.  The writer seems to have a glass cup to the door when it comes to news on the Stallone starrer and he’s passed on some more nuggests to the aforesaid website regarding returning cast members and a new cast addition.

Firstly, though they haven’t been mentioned as being involved in this chapter both Mickey Rourke and Jet Li will appear in the film – if even briefly.

Next up, I am told Mickey Rourke WILL RETURN to play Tool in the sequel and all those fretting over the departure of Jet Li may have a sigh of relief provided to you. Apparently Jet Li WILL RETURN for Expendables 2 but WILL NOT be filming any scenes in Bulgaria. His only scenes will take place during the filming in China.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character is a former colleague turned scoundrel – oh, and he comes complete with body art.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s character will reportedly have his own gang or unit of mercenaries and his character’s body will be completely covered in tattoos. The fact that he will have his own unit of mercenaries is clearly a carry over from the earlier released plot summary that Sylvester Stallone quickly shot down as inaccurate. In that plot description the main villain, playfully named Vilain had his own unit of mercenaries that competed with The Expendables. Van Damme presumably has the role of Vilain as we’ve all assumed by I’m not sure if that character name is still accurate.

Scott Adkins, Van Damme’s co-star in “Assassination Games” and the upcoming “Universal Soldier : A New Dimension”, has been offered a role as one of the troops in Van Damme’s mercenary unit.

And if you can believe anything he says, Tom Arnold tells Movieweb that there’s a chance he’ll end up in the film too.

Of course, take it all with a grain of salt – Arnold’s comments plus everything else regarding the film – until NuImage announces it officially.

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