Those self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future Part II? They’re here!


Do the publicists of “Back to the Future” stars get free “BTTF”-related merch? If so, size 10 please!

Nike is bringing out a new pair of sneakers that look conspiciously like the footwear Marty wore in “Back to the Future Part II” – yes, the ‘self-lacing’ sneakers (that the kid at the cinema, when I was watching the movie, leaned forward in his seat to get a better view of before muttering ‘Cooool’); the shoes will be called – as they were in the 1989 flick – ‘Nike MAG’.

Here’s a new ad for the shoe (with thanks to “BTTF” producer Frank Marshall for pointing it out) :

And here’s another YouTube video I found, taken in May :

and another from about 12 months ago (seemingly taken by someone who was testing the puppies) :