The Vampire Diaries : Season 2


By Molly Riggins

The second season of ”The Vampire Dairies” brings werewolves into the mythological mix of Mystic Falls (because, you see, vampire and witches are just not enough).

Turns out Claus, the oldest vampire of all time wants to kill Elena (Dobrev) because she is the ‘Petrovia Doppelganger’ aka Katherine’s Doppelganger (also played by Dobrev); the doppleganger, you see, is the key to breaking the sun and the moon curse. It is believed once this curse is broken werewolves won’t be binded to the changing moon, and vampires won’t be limited by the sun.

Add some sexual tension between the three main leads and you have what the fans call a winner of a season.

Extras :

Three intriguing featurettes (“The Myth & The Mystery”, ”Building the Beasts” and “Howling at the Moon”), an interview with Dobrev on playing dual characters, deleted scenes, an audio commentary on the episode ‘Masquerade’, gag reel and a couple other bits y’all might wanna sink your teeth into.

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