Danny Boyle confirms Transpotting 2 plans; entire cast will return


While much of the cast remain unconvinced it’ll happen, Danny Boyle still seems determined to get a sequel to his cult ’90s flick “Trainspotting” off the ground.

In an interview with Starpulse, Boyle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) even suggests Ewan McGregor’s interested (despite saying a few times he wasn’t keen) in reprising Mark Renton.

We certainly have a plan for a sequel to “Trainspotting” as well, but that’s a way down the road, I think we’ll work together again before then, I hope we do anyway.

But Boyle says everybody – Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller etc – would be back for the sequel…

Yeah, that would be the deal is that we would all do it. So you’d have to pay everybody the same, we’d have to do it like a collective and share everything so that there was no…I think it would be wonderful to set it up like that. And it would also be about the audience who first saw the film cause they also would have aged and all those questions about am I gonna have kids, who am I gonna live with, what am I gonna do in my life, am I getting ill, all those things, it becomes about that. So it actually could be a really boring film, (laughs) the complete opposite of “Trainspotting!” But to address your question, it could be completely different from the original “Trainspotting.”

Not generally a fan of sequels, no surprise to hear that Boyle plans to make a follow-up that doesn’t much resemble the original film.

Oh, it’s gonna be so different. The idea of it is that take the same actors, playing the same characters, in the same time, so all that’s the same – but they’re forty. It’s middle aged and that’s what it becomes about. Like when you’re twenty you think you can do anything with your body basically, the risks you take. When you look back at what you’ve done you think oh my god and they hit forty and they can’t do that anymore. And it’s triggered by Begbie, the Robert Carlyle character comes out of jail. So you can keep him in jail for five years, ten years, fifteen, whatever the story needs. And in the book, cause Irvin Welsh had written a sequel to it, he escapes from jail. John’s done a preliminary draft of the script and he has this great escape from jail – it’s really cool. Very funny and very crazy and then he re-ignites the whole chain of friendship if you like, but they are now different guys trapped like so many people are really, trapped in their hometown.

Excited for a “Transpotting 2”? Does it need to be?