Exclusive : One cameo you won’t be seeing in The Muppets


One of the funnier scenes in Jason Segel and Nick Stoller’s ”Muppets” script is a moment featuring Pepe the King Prawn, Sweetums and funny man Steve Carell.

Unfortunately, and despite rumours Carell had signed for the film, that’s one of a few scenes that had to be tweaked before it went before the cameras.

Talking to the “Crazy, Stupid Love” actor on his promotional tour down under for the aforesaid film, Carell explained the scheduling difficulties got in the way of him being involved in the Nick Stoller-directed Muppets movie.

“I’m not in the Muppets film”, Carell, seemingly saddened, said earlier today, “It was discussed.. I talked to them… but it didn’t work out, I wasn’t able to do it.”

The very sweet, very sincere Carell was to play himself in a scene, set at Mc Chow’s restaurant, that had himself and several other celebrities (including Jack Black, who is in the film – suggesting the scene might still exist) being presented with a lovely serving of…talking, moving Pepe.

Meanwhile, several new pics from the highly-anticipated “Muppets” hit the web today, here’s a few :