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Guess Who’s directing the Star Trek sequel?

Guess Who’s directing the Star Trek sequel?

In ‘no big surprise’ news. J.J Abrams has signed on to direct the “Star Trek” sequel for Paramount.

Vulture confirmed Abrams anointment today, reiterating that as recently as a month ago Abrams was still not officially a lock.

The follow-up to the 2009 reboot was originally due to get underway this month but was pushed back to the winter (Apparently one of the reasons for the delay is the script, which Bob Orci and Robert Kurtzman are again writing together. Kurtzman has been busy editing his directorial debut “Welcome to People” and has only now managed to find time to beam abord the Enterprise.). Once it was clear Abrams’ sequel wasn’t going to meet it’s original release date of June 2012 Paramount slotted the “G.I Joe” sequel in there instead.

Now if only we can get Bill Shatner a cameo this time…

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