Sigourney Weaver’s Dana may be on the Spirits in Ghostbusters 3!


I think it’s safe to say that unless you see the one-sheet hanging in the cinema anytime soon, “Ghostbusters 3” won’t be happening.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Dan Ayrkoyd from suggesting the film – which has been on-and-off more times than Tom and Pammy – is still headed before the cameras. Aykroyd seems so determined to get the film made (and why wouldn’t he!? Anyone else see “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”?) that he’s now even prepared to make it without one of the original Ghostbusters, Bill Murray.

Murray, as you’ll have read, is the hold-up with the film. Or that’s what they say. Not exactly desperate for work and not too keen on reprising Peter Venkman a third time, Murray hasn’t even read the script for “Ghostbusters 3” let alone told co-stars Aykroyd and Harold Ramis he’ll be joining them when they’re ready to go.

Cinema Blend caught up with Sigourney Weaver at the “Abduction” junket today and asked her what she knows about the long-gestating sequel.

Leading in about Aykroyd’s comments, I asked if she was anticipating a return to the franchise if it does end up getting started next year. “Well I guess Peter Venkman is dead,” Weaver started. “Dana without… I guess his spectre always was with her, whether she liked it or not.” Continuing about her hopes for the project, the actress seemed hesitant, but also hopeful about the movie. While she hasn’t read the script, she has spoken with director Ivan Reitman and would look forward to getting the cast back together. “I think it would be wonderful if it all came together and we’ll see,” she said. “Fingers crossed.”

It’s hard to say if she was simply repeating a story from back in 2009 when she said that Peter Venkman will appear as a ghost in the movie, or if she is talking about recent developments and Bill Murray sitting out entirely.

I’d say Weaver’s simply reiterating what she said a couple of years back. If she hasn’t read the script, I doubt she’s got much insight into the storyline either – and if she has, the storyline would have clearly changed in recent weeks because the plan all along was for Murray to come back as Venkman, if even briefly. I can’t see Sony or director Ivan Reitman letting Murray get off that easy. Not yet. They need to try the ‘truck full of money’ route first.

Over at MTV, Weaver sounds less optimistic about a third “Ghostbusters”, saying :

“I see Bill every now and then, [but] I’m not holding my breath,” she admitted. “I’d like it to work out. I have about six movies coming out so I’ve been busy without thinking about it, but I hope we do do it.”

Ya know, if “Ghostbusters 3” doesn’t work out and we don’t get to see Weaver reprise Dana… there may be hope for another of Weaver’s franchises.

Just quickly, one of the team had a brew with a friend from FOX this week who mentioned the possibility of a new “Alien” ‘sequel’ – with Weaver. When Damon Lindelof was granted the right to turn Ridley Scott’s “Alien” prequel into a stand-alone flick (though with the suggestion that it takes place in the same universe as the 1979 film and it’s sequel) called “Prometheus”, it left the studilo with the option to do something else with their “Alien” brand should they wish. That’s something they’ve “talked about” of late.

Interestingly enough, Weaver has mentioned in recent times that she’s come around to the idea of reprising Ellen Ripley for a fifth time.

She told Total Film :

“I could definitely kick that alien’s ass again,” Weaver says. “While I can’t speak for them, I think for [20th Century] Fox, once you’re 60, you’re not going to be starring in an action movie.

“I think it’s too bad that that’s the case. I would have liked to do one last story where we go back to the planet, where Ripley’s history is resolved. But I do feel like her story is unfinished.”

I’m guessing there’s no film yet, and definitely no offer out to Weaver until someone types up a libretto, but it’s exciting to think that we might get to see Newt’s adopted mama one more time. Hopefully Rothman can sign off on a ’60 year-old starring in an action movie’ – that doesn’t live on protein powder and get face work on a regular basis.
Guessing, just as they did with “Alien Resurrection” by bringing in young spunk Winona Ryder, Fox would have Weaver surrounded by some hot young thing or things – maybe even have Ripley be some sort of secondary character, like ‘Flynn’ was in “Tron Legacy” – if they did it. OK, that’s fine, just make this a good “Alien” flick. End it.

“Ghostbusters 3” and “Alien 5” : both bong hallucinations for the moment, I’m afraid.