Mixed reviews for Ashton Kutcher’s first Two and-a-Half Men


Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Waldon Schmidt’ made his debut on the ninth season of “Two and-a-Half Men” tonight.

But before we hear how he fared, let’s do a bit of an episode recap :

OK, so Charlie is dead. He fell in front of a train after his fiancee caught him with another woman. Nobody much seems to care he’s gone – not even his mother who is more interested in what’s going to happen to the house. A bevy of beauties turn up at the funeral to farewell the man that gave them every ‘STD’ under the sun. Alan, Charlie’s brother, inherits the house but he can’t afford to pay it off on his own. John Stamos (who apparently also had a fling with Charlie) and Dharma & Greg (yes, you heard me) and others come to the open house but don’t buy it.
Ashton Kutcher’s Waldon appears out of the blue following a botched suicide in the ocean. He needs to use Alan’s phone to beg his wife back. We discover he’s a billionaire of a dot com company and, of course, this where the money will ultimately come from to keep Alan and his half-a-man in the house. Oh, and there’s a scene where Alan and Waldon go to a bar to pick-up women – both of whom get with Walter over the shorter, nerdier Alan. Naturally.

Now what did you all think? Mouth off in the comments section below while we run a few critics reviews :

TVLine says : “Men wrestled with the hung-like-an-elephant in the room: Is there as much humor to be mined from a goofy, well-endowed billionaire as there was from a not-as-wealthy jingle writer who seemed to satisfy women just as easily? Early indicators suggest no, seeing as the sitcom already and quickly played the “Look, He Accidentally Bedded Two Hotties At Once While Alan Lay Weeping and [BLEEP]ing” card.”

HollywoodLife says : “Charlie Sheen has mentioned Ashton Kutcher is ‘going to do great’ on ‘Two and a Half Men.’ And I’m thrilled to report after watching the show’s season premiere, Ashton IS great and is the perfect Charlie replacement! Much talk has been been given on Charlie Harper’s ultimate demise on Two and a Half Men and I was nervous to see how producers were going to handle Charlie Sheen‘s sudden disappearance in the season premiere. However, they pulled it off without a hitch! What is surprising is how the show doesn’t actually take off until Ashton Kutcher‘s character, Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire who is miserable after the divorce with his wife, makes his grand entrance on the show. What was genuinely great about the transition is that it was so seamless. Plus, Ashton’s chemistry with the rest of the cast is uncanny, especially with Jon, who really makes things work to perfection.”

CafeMom says : ”Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie was hardly a stretch from his real life. Boozy womanizer played boozy womanizer. Now we have Ashton who is by no means Charlie Sheen, and he’s playing a character totally unlike Charlie Harper (hooray). He is, however, playing young, sexy, rich dude who can get any woman he wants. Which is . . . hardly a stretch? Then again, Walden Schmidt made gazillions of dollars off a smarty pants deal with Microsoft, so Ashton’s not playing the same sexy dumb dude from That ’70s Show. He’s “stretching.” And there’s the opportunity for a further reveal in next Monday night’s “to be continued” episode.I will say this. Seeing Ashton Kutcher play the womanizer is not only more believable (Sheen goddesses or no Sheen goddesses), but the fashion gods will be relieved to hear that primetime is not trying to convince America that hotties wear bowling shirts. Even if Ashton Kutcher is stereotyped, it’s not as a Charlie Sheen replacement. And that’s a relief.”

So anyone watch? What’s the verdict?