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First Quarter update on the Friday Night Lights movie

First Quarter update on the Friday Night Lights movie

And Coach Taylor walks away with the game!

How touching was the Emmy Win for Jason Katims and Kyle Chandler of “Friday Night Lights” yesterday!? I don’t think my hands have been this red or dry since that Maryam d’Abo issue of Playboy was discovered under an uncle’s bed. It certaintly was a rousing moment – the Emmy win. And D’Abo too.

But of course now all attention turns to.. the “Friday Night Lights” movie that was recently announced by Peter Berg. Does the Emmy win solidify those plans? Help push this puppy forward?

“Absolutely, I think it could help”, executive producer Katims tells TVline. “To me, the thing that was most moving about tonight was just hearing the audience’s response [to the wins]. It tells me people are still passionate about the show and, even though it’ll take us a little while to get a movie out, they will still remember it. I would really love to do it. And I know [fellow exec producer] Peter Berg would love to do it.”

The Emmy winner said he’s currently “back in the world of Dillon, Texas” working on the story “But until I have an actual script, nothing can happen.”

Chandler told The Hollywood Reporter that he hasn’t “thought much” about it and was coy when asked if he’d be up for it. “I haven’t been offered the job,” he joked.

The Coach’s former teammembers are already pitching ideas for the film though.

“Luke goes to war and comes back not the same brave soul he was when he left Dillon and he’s ready to settle down with Becky,” Matt Lauria pitched. “He goes to Coach because he’s gone AWOL and his dad will never accept him. Or we flash forward five years and we’ve already got a little baby.”

“Matt and Julie are married at this point, so I’m the son-in-law and I have to pop up somehow,” Zach Gilford told the trade, saying he will definitely do the movie. “Maybe they have a kid, who knows. I’m going to start pitching story lines!”

And how cool is this? the cast of “Friday Night Lights” (sans big-time movie star Taylor Kitsch and a couple of others) reunited at a restaurant called ‘Dillons’ in L.A on Sunday night!

“[Producers] Sarah Aubrey, Pete Berg and I were talking about doing a party and getting everybody together,” Connie Britton said. “Then Kyle Chandler called me one day from Austin and says, ‘We gotta get all these people who aren’t going to be able to come to the Emmys together and stay out drinking all night and celebrate it.’

“Then it just so happened that Sarah found Dillon’s pub, which couldn’t have been more perfect,” she said.

Chandler, Britton, Berg, Aubrey, Lauria, Lamarcus Tinker (Tinker), Michael B. Jordan (Vince), Brad Leland (Buddy), Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.), Aimee Teegarden (Julie), Stacey Oristano (Mindy), Derek Phillips (Billy) and Jurnee Smollett (Jess) were all at the party.

“When you do one of these shows you really do become a pseudo family,” Chandler said. “It’s really like seeing your brothers and sisters again.”

So what do you guys hope to see in a “FNL” movie?

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