Exclusive : Scott Adkins boards The Expendables 2


There’s been a lot of casting rumours bouncing around the web in regards to the muscle-doused sequel to “The Expendables”. Today, a confirmation. A lock. A signing. A sure thing. One y’all can run with. Take to the bank. Put it in the garden shed. Yank it from Pauly Shore’s hair. Done deal.

Martial-arts Superstar Scott Adkins has been signed to play Jean-Claude Van Damme’s henchman in “The Expendables 2”.

That’s now happening. Adkins and JC work well together (projection booths are still cooling down following “Assassination Games”, the two-hander they shared a one-sheet on this year) but more so, the former is an amazing sportsman and a pretty darn fine actor to boot. Check out the “Undisputed” movies – superb showreel for Adkins; not surprised at all “Expendables 2” star Sly Stallone and director Simon West (“Con-Air”) offered him a seat on that Bulgaria-bound flight.