Justin Lin forced to bow out of Terminator 5


Just as the case was with the “Highlander” reboot, Justin Lin has been forced to bow out of “Terminator 5” due to a scheduling clash. Lin, says Deadline, will be shooting “Fast and Furious 6” around the same time that “Terminator” was expected to go before the cameras. As a consequence, Lin has let go of his dreams to make a “Terminator” movie – with original star Arnold Schwarzenegger (and a resurrected Sarah Connor). Personally, I think he’s made the wrong choice.

Still, Lin is dead keen to do the project and if Schwarzenegger and financier Megan Ellison will wait for him to complete “Fast” he’s happy to do the movie.

What do you think? Should big Arnie and Megs just ditch Lin and try and twist James Cameron’s arm (Cameron has been talking to Arnie and Lin about ideas for the film, so maybe…)? Or even try get someone like a Paul Verhoeven or Bryan Singer interested?

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