Jeremy Renner back in Town mode for King of Heists


Man of the moment Tom Hardy Jeremy Renner (“Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol”, “The Hurt Locker”) will dust off the balaclava and get the hands moisturised in preparation for “King of Heists”, an adaptation of the J. North Conway book about a famous American heist.

Renner, who played a bankrobber in Ben Affleck’s “The Town”, will play “George Leslie, who came to New York appearing to be a mannered gent, but secretly put together a crew and masterminded a heist of nearly $3 million in cash and securities from the Manhattan Savings Institution in 1878” according to Deadline.

In-demand screenwriter Will Staples (“Myth”, “Apaches”) will pen the script for the film, which Renner will also produce.

Here’s the synopsis of the book “King of Heists” :

King of Heists is a spellbinding and unprecedented account of the greatest bank robbery in American history, which took place on October 27, 1878, when thieves broke into the Manhattan Savings Institution and stole nearly $3 million-around $50 million in today’s terms. Bring the Gilded Age to life, J. North Conway tells the story of those who plotted and carried out this infamous robbery – including criminal mastermind George Leonidas Leslie, a society architect and ladies’ man whose double life led him to be dubbed the “King of the Bank robbers”- and of how they did it, and how they were tracked down and captured.