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Exclusive : Cheadle, Greenwood join Zemeckis’s Flight

Denzel Washington stars as a heroic airline pilot

Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood have joined the cast of “Flight”, the new sky-set thriller from acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis (“Beowulf”, “Back to the Future”).

Cheadle (“Iron Man 2”, “The Guard”) and Greenwood (“Star Trek”, “Mao’s Last Dancer”) join Oscar Winner Denzel Washington and Kelly Reilly (now officially – excuse the pun – onboard) for the John Gatins-scripted drama.

“Flight” stars Washington as a pilot who saves his plane after a malfunction and is labeled a hero – unfortunately, an investigation leads to assumptions that he may have been drunk while steering that plane to safety. I’m guessing if Robert Hays were his co-pilot and Lloyd Bridges was at the control tower than this would be fine… different movie though.

As great a job as Bob Zemeckis did on his mo-cap ventures (namely “The Polar Express” which, personally, I find a lovely little film; hard to watch at times though because I miss ol’ Michael Jeter, and he’s right through the thing) there’s no denying his brilliance as a live-action shooter (geez, sounds like I’m describing a teenager who plays House of the Dead at a videogame arcade); from “Used Cars” to “Romancing the Stone”, “Back to the Future” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, Zemeckis has given us some of contemporary cinema’s most entertaining moments in cinema. As far as I’m concerned this man gets to do whatever he wants, and however he wants, being that he gave us one of the finest film trilogies of all time – the “Back to the Future” trilogy – but some of the brass didn’t share his enthusiasm for mo-cap movies (they’re all money over merit those guys, anyway) so he’s had to unforunately press pause on those ventures. But the win for us is we’ve now got Zemeckis back doing live-action flicks – and his fleshy comeback is reportedly a doozie. And what a cast, hey!? Washington! Reilly! and now Bruce Greenwood and Don Cheadle! All the big guns (we’ve just got to get Claudia Wells a seat on that flight, I tell ya!) have booked a ticket on ZemeckisFlight2012.

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