International trailer for Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce thriller Justice


Another day, another Nic Cage buttbreaker.

Though “Trespass”, the flick he did with Joel Schumacher and Nicole Kidman is said to be reasonable enough, it’s fair to say Nicolas Cage hasn’t been at the top of his game for quite a while now. At one time one of contemporary’s cinemas most interesting actors, giving varied, acclaimed performances in the likes of “Moonstruck” and “Leaving Las Vegas” (and at the same time enjoying himself and making sure we enjoy watching him in popcorn fare like “Face/Off” and “Con-Air”), the modern-day vampire has now sort-of taking on a hot-prop joke persona, fronting up for anything that pays well but doesn’t necessarily play well.

“Justice”, formerly known as “Hungry Rabbit Jumps”, looks like another for the inevitable ‘shittiest years of Cage’ Blu-ray collection. Unfortunately, this time he’s taking down Australian thesp Guy Pearce and “Mad Men” hottie January Jones with him. “Cocktail” helmer Roger Donaldson directs.

Here’s the synopsis followed by the trailer :

Popular high school teacher Will Gerard (NICOLAS CAGE) lives a life of content domesticity with his beautiful musician wife Laura (JANUARY JONES). Until one night’s horrific events, turns their world upside down.

After Laura is violently attacked and left traumatised in hospital, Will is approached by a well-dressed stranger (GUY PEARCE) offering to dispense immediate justice to the attacker and save the couple from an emotionally traumatic trial. Distraught, Will accepts the proposal but soon learns justice comes at a price.