Casting : Jenkins, George, Affleck, Jenkins, Rodriguez, Theron, Imperioli, Pasdar, Brandt


Magic Mike
Kevin Nash (“The Punisher”) has been enlisted for Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper drama. Assumingly Nash plays a stripper in the flick alongside Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Mangianello (More…).

Meantime, Betsy Brandt has also joined the cast of the film – and I’m guessing she’s NOT playing a male stripper. (More…)

Nemesis TV
Aussie actress Melissa George (“Grey’s Anatomy”) will star in the new BBC/Cinemax series by former ”X-Files” executive producer Frank Spotnitz. ”In the vein of Bourne Identity, Nemesis is a suspense thriller set in the world of international espionage. It centers on a highly skilled operative (George) for an elite private intelligence firm who survives an attempt on her life that might have been orchestrated by members of her own team. Once she returns to the firm, she must perform her secretive duties without knowing who to trust and who wants her dead.” (More…)

Richard Jenkins (“The Visitor”, “Hall Pass”) will join Tom Cruise in the Christopher McQuarrie written/directed action thriller, featuring Cruise as literary character Jack Reacher. Jenkins will play a district attorney in the film. (More…)

Cities of Refuge
Charlize Theron will star in and produce a film about a “female investigator brought in to solve a brutal murder and kidnapping in which things aren’t what they seem” (More…)

40 TV
“Sopranos” alum Michael Imperioli and “Heroes” star Adrian Pasdar will star in Doug ‘Entourage’ Ellin’s new series about four old buddies who help each other navigate life after 40. Michael Rappaport and Ed Burns had been cast as the two other friends. (More…)

Resident Evil : Retribution
Michelle Rodriguez, whose ‘Rain’ was last seen in the original “Resident Evil” movie, is reprising her role for the fifth. Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon, and Boris Kodjoe also feature in the Paul W.S Anderson zombie flick. (More…)

Paradise Lost
Casey Affleck (“The Asssassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”) will play Gabriel in director Alex Proyas’s angels v. angels movie “Paradise Lost”. (More…)