Still Burns! Contagion scribe may pen Blade Runner follow-up


Y’all have read that a Deckard-free “Blade Runner” sequel/prequel, with original helmer Ridley Scott back in charge, is in the works .

Like most belated follow-ups – and there seems to have been plenty of ’em over the last few years, including “TRON Legacy”, “Rambo”, “Rocky Balboa”, and next month’s “The Thing” – I’m fearful but excited. Good that Scott’s back involved though, means the film has half-a-chance of turning out not only decent but a good companion piece to the 1982 original.

And another point to the production for apparently coaxing Scott Z.Burns, writer of solid blockbusters like “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Contagion”, to write the screenplay for the film (which, by the way, we’ve no idea if it’s a sequel, prequel or spin-off featuring solely on Sean Young’s character… heh, as if!).

Twitch broke the news of Burns possible anointment as the “Blade” scribe while reminding us that as good as it’d be to have David Peoples, the writer of the original “Blade Runner” back for this new film, he hasn’t actually written a film in about fifteen years so probably isn’t high up on Warner/Alcon’s wishlist.

Whatcha think? Burns got enough to bring “Blade Runner” into the iPad era?