New trailer for Garry Marshall’s New Years Eve


Garry Marshall’s “New Years Eve” will hopefully encompass a little more oomph than the director’s last all-star rom-com “Valentine’s Day” – but that won’t be hard. As much as I love some of the cast members Marshall has rounded up for the film, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank and Carla Gugino, I’m fully aware that even the finest of artistes will do a dance for the right amount. Hopefully “New Years Eve” isn’t “Valentine’s Day 2” and instead is a return to some of the more punchy, touching rom-coms of Marshall’s past, like “Pretty Woman” and “Frankie & Johnny”… but I’m not holding out too much hope.

Here’s the trailer, followed by the synopsis :

“New Year’s Eve” celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.