The Tube is Still Out There… so Chris Carter’s doing another show


Earlier this week David Duchovny was announced as the latest name to the “Phantom” (a new Submarine thriller, in which he’s replacing Andy Garcia) credit block, while Gillian Anderson is currently helping pack ’em in theatres internationally with a high-profile role in “Johnny English Reborn”. Now it seems Duchovny and Anderson’s bosses over at “The X-Files” (or should I say ‘former’ bosses) have played their part in reducing the unemployment rate for the month.

Frank Spotnitz, the EP and a writer of the show,  is segueing from “X-Files” to “Nemesis”, a new British co-production starring Aussie Melissa George.  And though we’re told time and time again there’s nothing sold yet, it sounds a lot like Spotnitz has a plan – if not a treatment outlined – for a third “X-Files” movie.

In a recent post on his blog, Spotnitz hinted at the possibility of Robert Patrick’s character Agent Doggett returning in the next film (since he wasn’t in the last one).

Here’s the reader question that generated Spotnitz’s interesting response :

Hi Frank,

As a fan of the character John Doggett, I am wondering if you can give us fans any further information to elaborate on what is found in the I Want To Believe Blu-ray special feature “The Dakota Whitney Files” where her case notes state:

“Given that the X-Files have long been shut down, and that the last two agents assigned to them, John Doggett and Monica Reyes, are currently engaged in high priority counter-terrorist operations, I strongly recommend that we determine the whereabouts of Agent Fox Mulder and bring him in as an unofficial consultant to the investigation.”

Is Doggett still working from the Washington D.C. field office? Is he still partnered with Agent Reyes? I guess what I hope for is a long, elaborate, detailed book (haha!) about what John Doggett has been up to after “The Truth.” Is he back on the fast-track to the Directorship? What kind of punishment was he handed after “The Truth” since he helped break Mulder out of military prison (and a death sentence). Why did he decide to stick with the FBI after all he had seen and done while on the X-Files? What kind of contact has he had with Scully and Mulder over the years since it was suggested in IWTB that he had had contact with them since Mulder had his “I Want To Believe” poster which we last saw in Doggett’s hands in “The Truth.”

I don’t necessarily need to see John Doggett in XF3 (if it should happen), I just want to have some answers about what happened to him after “The Truth.” It’s very hard being a fan and not knowing what he went through leading up to being assigned to high priority counter-terrorist operations.

Thank you for any additional information or speculation you can give.


Webmaster of the Addicted To Doggett website

Overland Park, KS

Great questions, Cassie. It’s tough to even comment on them without disclosing more than I should. Let me just say that I hope the answers to at least some of your questions will be answered in time.

Don’t give up.

Meanwhile, big news of the day is that “X-Files” creator Chris Carter is headed back to television to do a new police procedural series.  Naturally, there’ll be a supernatural element to the show.

The show, “Unique”, is set up at Media Rights Capital says THR.

Now, the show has to be picked up first of course (though if it isn’t it’s pilot will be a much sought-after item on ebay no doubt) but Carter’s name should help convince a network. But then I thought the same about Ron Moore’s ‘police procedural series with a supernatural element’ show “17th Precinct” and no more amount of “Galactica” fans or webbly anticipation could get it a greenlight. The show’s pilot was never picked up. (Though if anyone has it I’d love to see it).

So that’s David, Gillian, Frank and Chris – – what are some of the other cats from the world of “The X-Files” up to now?

Crew-wise…Veteran “X” director Rob Bowman is busy over on TV’s “Castle” these days; David Nutter directs a lot of TV too, shooting such serials as “Entourage” and “Shameless”; and Vince Gilligan has his hands full writing for “Breaking Bad” (though he is also prepping a new movie called “2-Face” for Columbia Pictures, a political thriller about a man with dual personalities).

Cast member Mitch Pileggi (‘Skinner’) has been doing the odd episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” while fitting in the odd film (the latest being a telemovie titled “Mega Cyclone” – say no more); William B.Davis (‘The Cigarette Smoking Man’) is playing the sheriff in a new movie that Jessica Biel stars in and produced called “The Thin Man”; Nicholas Lea (‘Krycek’) has the lead role in SyFy’s remake of “The Philadelphia Experiment”; and Annabeth Gish (‘Reyes’) is filming “Home Run Showdown”, a family comedy about rival little league teams.  And somehow I don’t think I need to tell you what Robert Patrick is doing (a better question might be “What isn’t he doing!?”).