Christopher Nolan involved in a new Twilight movie?


My first thought, when reading earlier this morning (outed myself as posting this tardily) that Warner Bros had greased the wheels on a new “Twilight Zone” movie was, of course, why would Warner Bros even bother?

They don’t like anthology flicks, right? I mean, they had a horror anthology flick a couple of years ago, “Trick R’ Treat” – that kicked as much arse as the 1983 “Twilight Zone” movie in my opinion – and treated it like a lifeless raccoon on a freeway! so, why bother!? Move onto “Arthur 2 : Look at all these other pretty movie cars we found”, Jeff? Easy money?

Well, they aren’t bothering – with the anthology part.

This new “Twilight Zone” movie will encompass just the one story.

I know… lame, right!?

Won’t that one story outstay it’s welcome like, er, a Philip K.Dick short-story stretched to feature length (sorry, “Impostor” came straight to mind)? Isn’t it more of a treat for audiences to see three or four mini-films in one, all different and all shot by imaginative but vastly dissimilar filmmakers (as in the case of “The Twilight Zone” movie – John Landis, Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg and George Miller) – even if it means Warner Bros have to run some deceiving advertising (shocker!) or work a little harder to convince audiences that a “Twilight Zone” movie isn’t so no ‘Bob’s short-film festival compilation reel’ (Not that anyone at Warner would call it that – – not when they already refer to “Trick R’ Treat” under the alternative self-proclaimed title)? A triple-feature of films suited to the world of “Twilight Zone” would be a cinematic treat.

Now I don’t want to see an anthology film if it means the studio’s going to go for three cheap gun-for-hire director’s and hand them three forgettable scripts from the old TV show.

Just for kicks, imagine that…

“Renny Harlin brings you the eerie tale of a filmmaker haunted by the eye-patch wearing pirates from the film that ruined his career”

“Dennis Dugan directs Adam Sandler as a man who, consistently accused of being a two-faced liar, wakes up with an extra face”

“John Singelton brings audiences the moving but frightful story of a champion boxer (played by Vin Diesel) that falls in love with his trustful gloves; while the gloves can get a handle on it, the boxer can’t”.

So who are Warner and producer Leonardo DiCaprio (he’s sure to star in the film, yeah? Or at least cameo as the monster on the wing of the plane?) talking to about this new “Twilight Zone” movie? Well, fortunately three amazing directors…

Christopher Nolan

Michael Bay

Alfonso Cuaron

Rupert Wyatt

Leo is no doubt keenest on getting his “Inception” director Nolan onboard as his director. And he would be good. But imagine if Nolan, Cuaron and Wyatt (sorry, not set on Bay) could all direct a chapter of the film!? That would be wilder than Gene, right!?

And if they’re worried about the film being a tricky sell, all WB need to do to put bums on seats is to use the name of its famous actor producer in all the marketing materials. Or better still, have him play a part in one of the episodes.

Just an idea. Don’t expect you to take much notice though WB  –  but if you are in the mood for snagging ideas for web vets than I’d also like to see a “Veronica Mars” movie get up, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover reunited for another “Lethal Weapon” (at any cost), and, pretty please, no more of those all-star fluff rom-coms that seem to be bearing Garry Marshall’s once-fine name.