Look out Arnold! Rival small-town sherriff flick set up with… Rose McGowan!


Robert Rodriguez’s former quilt-stealer Rose McGowan will star in a new romantic thriller “Napa”.

The directorial debut of writer-producer Michael Kerr, the film tells of “a woman who after three tours of duty in Afghanistan returns to her hometown, where she is given the job of sheriff.” says THR.

The flick, shooting in Napa Valley, was written by Kerr and Hans Ostrom, based on Ostrom’s novel ”Three to Get Ready”.

Tell me, is anyone still interested in Rose McGowan? Didn’t she get paid something like $5million to do “Conan the Barbarian”? Did it make a difference to the film that McGowan was in it? I dunno folks, I just don’t know if the young horror vet has anything much to offer these days?