Leonardo DiCaprio to play master assassin in Satori?


Leonardo DiCaprio may play a kick-ass spy, a’la Ethan Hunt, in “Satori” based on the book of the same name by Don Winslow.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros has picked up the rights to the novel with plans to coax DiCaprio into playing lead character Nicholai Hel.

A survivor of the destruction of Hiroshima, Hei is a master assassin, lover and infused with effortless perfection.

Here’s how Amazon describes the book :

Nicholai Hel was already an accomplished assassin, a master of hoda korosu (“naked kill”), when introduced in Trevanian’s 1979 Shibumi. Now Winslow (The Life and Death of Bobby Z.) dons Trevanian’s mantle and cloaks Hel in a tangled series of adventures and misadventures in this exciting prequel. Hel’s conditional ticket out of an American-run prison in 1951 Japan requires him to acquire a new face and identity and to carry out a probably suicidal mission to assassinate Soviet commissioner Yuri Voroshenin in China. In the guise of 26-year-old Michel Guibert, a French arms dealer, Hel enters a labyrinthine world of intrigue as various Chinese factions and foreign interests struggle for advantage. Winslow successfully fleshes out Hel’s mixed heritage (aristocratic Russian mother, surrogate Japanese father and mentor), and eventually takes him to war-torn Vietnam, where Hel’s expertise in applying Go strategy is as important to his survival as his physical skills. Winslow has crafted an impressive prelude to a highly esteemed classic thriller.

Shane Salerno is only now beginning work on the screenplay so don’t go lining up at your local cinema just yet.