Beyonce’s baby bump inspires Clint Eastwood to return to acting


Surprised to hear Clint Eastwood’s headed back in front of a lens; thought I’d heard “Gran Torino” was Eastwood’s swan-song as an actor and from here on out he was going to remain capped and uncaptured behind the camera? Guess not. Though it sounds like Eastwood’s latest acting jaunt has come about merely because his latest film as director, “A Star is Born”, has been delayed and the fact it’s something his friend is directing, so no doubt it’s more about ‘doing a mate a favour’ than a hunger to act again.

Cinema’s Lt. ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan will star in “Trouble With The Curve”, the directorial debut of Eastwood’s Malpaso partner Robert Lorenz, says THR.

The film is, of course, set up at Eastwood’s second home – Warner Bros. And proof that there is magic streaming from the water tower there in Burbank, the 81-year-old (!) is set to play an aging baseball scout who goes on a road trip with his adult daughter.

The role of the daughter has not yet been cast.

Road movies aren’t anything new for Eastwood, in addition to “A Perfect World” and “Pink Cadillac”, he headlined “Every Which Way But Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can”. Still, this sounds like it might be of a high calibre than all those flicks, particuarly since Eastwood is rather fussy these days (as opposed to the days of “Pink Cadillac” when he’d turn up in a McDonald’s commercial if catering promised a steak sandwich) and only pans for gold.

When Beyonce pregnant, Eastwood’s “A Star is Born” remake was pushed back. A slot opened up and the actor was able to do Lorenz’s (a producer on many of Eastwood’s movies) feature.