Exclusive : Brewer’s Tarzan trilogy not a Tarzan trilogy


Spoke to Craig Brewer, director of the surprisingly effective sneaker-shakin’ “Footloose” redo, on the old dog-and-bone yesterday and, in addition to a great chat we had about Hollywood’s crush on remaking everything right now (with arguments for and against), we got chinwagging about the filmmaker’s proposed “Tarzan” trilogy, which he’s penned for Warner.

Now, first things first, Brewer says he doesn’t know where this ‘trilogy’ thing came from.

Well, you know, no one never talked to me about that. I was surprised to read that in the papers myself. [chuckle] I don’t know where that information came from. I’ll tell you, I never really thought of it as a trilogy, I thought of it more as something to be serialized, you know. I thought it was something that you could have more than one. But after writing the script that I just feel like I can see it, I can see multiple movies.

Brewer said he’s excited about the screenplay he just added his byline to.

I turned in a script that I’m kind of waiting to see what happens but I love it and we’ll see what happens with it. But I would love to tell that story. I was a big fan of the books and I would love to see that character come back.

Check back for my full chat with Brewer about “Footloose” in the next few hours.