Dominic Purcell grabs a red hot poker for Paradise Lost


Aussie boy Dominic Purcell (“Prison Break”) is set to star as Lucifer’s right-hand-man Jerahmeel in Warner Bros’ film adaptation of John Milton’s classic poem “Paradise Lost”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Legendary Pictures will produce the action-oriented adaption of the poem, which will focus on the war between angels in heaven. Bradley Cooper (“The A Team”, “The Hangover”) is set to star as Lucifer, with Benjamin Walker (“The War Boys”, “Coach”) to play the archangel Michael.
Directed by Alex Proyas (“I, Robot, “Garage Days”, “Knowing), the action fantasy film will also feature the likes of Casey Affleck as the archangel Gabirel, Camilla Belle as Eve, Diego Boneta as Adam and Djimon Hounsou as the seraph Abdiel.

The film, shooting in Sydney, enables Purcell and his family to return home to his native Australia.