Justin Lin hopes Terminator 5 will wait for him


He had to put it on the backburner so he could concentrate on the next “Fast and Furious” films (word is, he’s shooting two back-to-back), but Justin Lin says he’s still hopeful he’ll get to do his “Terminator” movie.

Despite having had creative chinwags with star Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Terminator” godfather James Cameron, Lin was forced to tell financier Megan Ellison that he had to shoot “Fast Six” and Seven before putting Skynet back online. He hopes she, and Schwarzenegger, wait for him to do that.

Speaking to The LA Times, Lin said :

“Creatively, I’ve had to put some stuff on hold and walk away from some projects that I’d really love to do, but this is an opportunity for me and for us to close out the franchise the right way,” Lin said of the car films. “It comes with a price but it’s something that I look forward to.”

“The timing for that is a little bit off [in the distance] but the good thing is it doesn’t feel like creatively it’s been compromised,” Lin said. “I don’t think anyone is trying to hurry anything. I’m hopeful it will work out but at the same time I’m going to be hard on that film if I get a chance to make it. With that franchise, that’s what it deserves. I remember growing up and watching the first ‘Terminator’ films and they defined my youth in many ways. That’s something I want to try to seek out and recapture.”

Lin, who told us a few weeks back that he’s a big fan of “The Terminator” franchise, has an idea for a fifth “Terminator” that would seem to include the element of alternate timelines – a’la J.J Abrams’ “Star Trek”.

”…with the time travel and canon there’s a version there that you can do right. For me, there’s still some characters and themes that were kind of promised and exhibited in those movies that we have never actually seen. Those are things that got me excited about potentially trying to crack all of that.”

Speaking to Moviehole recently, Lin recently hinted at bringing the late Sarah Connor back from the dead for the new film.

I mean, Sarah Connor is such a big part of the franchise, you know. Yeah, I mean I’ve always been surprised how in part 3 she was just like… It was like one line and she was gone.

Yeah, like leukemia and… But I think the great thing about this franchise is you have… You can actually have different canons because you have the element of time travel. So, there’s a way of kind of respecting all the works but also able to create a new time line.

How about bringing that 20-something Kyle Reese back into the fold, too? Maybe Rick Rossovich’s sexed-up walkman sharer can also get a reprise?